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Integrated Skills, Phrasal Verbs Lesson Plan

Ontesol has posted a new lesson plan on its blog. Learn to teach integrated skills and phrasal verbs using authentic material (Friends episode). Level: High Intermediate

FREE 2-hour lesson plan using the communicative approach!

Read more at Ontesol’s TESOL Expert blog. Find free lesson plans, travel information, articles and expert advice from our graduates.

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Listening TESOL Lesson Plan

A new TESOL lesson plan from a graduate of Ontesol’s TESOL course shows how you can teach listening comprehension to intermediate students in a communicative manner that is both effective and fun.

“Aims: To provide students with listening practice for the gist (skimming) and
details (scanning).
To present and give practice with vocabulary related to jobs.
To present vocabulary that is essential for understanding the task.
To integrate listening into speaking and writing skills.
To provide students with practice in summarizing and retelling.”

Learn what to do on each stage (Presentation, Practice , and Production) and what kind of authentic materials are effective for teaching English using the Communicative Approach.  To find the free lesson plan, go to Ontesol’s home page and visit the TESOL Expert Blog, where you can also find tons of articles written by recent graduates and professional teacher trainers.

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Authentic Material TESOL Lesson Plan – Movie Spanglish

Type of lesson: Listening integrating speaking and writing

Level: Intermediate +

To practice listening for details (scanning)
To introduce vocabulary that is essential for understanding the listening tasks
To allow students to practice the skill of writing in reported speech
To encourage discussion and class debate
To practice writing skills

Assumptions: Students have acquired basic related vocabulary
Students understand the concept of direct speech and reported speech
Students have basic comprehension skills
Students have basic writing skills

Find the complete TESOL lesson plan at Ontesol’s blog


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TESOL Lesson Plan Using Songs from Ontesol

Using songs in TESOL is not just for children. Songs can be used effectively with any age group to teach listening comprehension and review a grammar topic.

For example, this TESOL lesson plan has the following aims:

To review the use of perfect modals (must have + past participle) to speculate about past events, i.e., guess what happened.
To practice pronunciation of past participles and simple past regular verbs (-ed) /t/ or /d/ and the weak forms of ´must´ and ´have´.
To integrate listening comprehension to speaking, reading and writing skills.

Find more quality TESOL lesson plans at Ontesol. Click on the TESOL experts banner and find ready-made lesson plans. Teach English communicatively with Ontesol. Take an accredited TESOL course.


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Task Based Approach Lesson Plan

This TESOL lesson plan, by Ontesol, shows how to use the Task Based Approach to teach grammar and vocabulary while also integrating speaking, reading, and writing skills.

The lesson plan is for Intermediate students.
Aims: to teach adjectives referring to being “easygoing” or “strict”, to present the function of talking about permission and prohibition using the structure: Make sb do sth; let sb to sth; allow sb to do sth, to provide practice in speaking, reading and writing skills

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Speaking TESOL Lesson Plan on Socializing

Free TESOL lesson plan for qualified ESL teachers and TESOL trainees.

This speaking lesson plan is for upper-intermediate students and takes approximately 55 minutes.

The assumptions for this lesson plan are: Students are familiar with the topic of informal and formal introductions, questions tags, making offers, and keeping a conversation going on varied topics such as likes and dislikes, jobs and occupations, music, travel and hobbies. They are also familiar and fluent with all tenses.

Materials and aids used on this TESOL lesson plan: Handouts with activities and cue cards for role-playing.

To read the full sample, click on the link above and enjoy!

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Similes Lesson Plan

This new TESOL lesson plan is perfect intermediate plus levels.

Aims: Presenting figures of speech (similes) in context; guessing the meaning of the similes in context; reading for the main idea (skimming); reading for specific information (scanning)

Read more at Ontesol’s TESOL blog

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Apartment Hunting Lesson Plan

Great TESOL lesson plan to use in your low intermediate class. Integrate speaking, listening, and vocabulary.

Aims: To practice listening and speaking skills in the context of apartment hunting; to review the use of contrasting adjectives: big-small, cheap-expensive, high-low, old-new, beautiful-ugly, plain-fancy, near-far; to review vocabulary related to different kinds of furniture, appliances, rooms in the home.

Read more at Ontesol’s TESOL blog

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Lesson Plan Using Communicative Approach

Writing lesson plan, high intermediate level, 120minutes.

Introduce to students the format and content of a formal letter, give students’ semi-controlled writing practice. build students’ confidence in writing, review functions and meanings of linking words, and provide practice in editing.

Read More. Find the full TESOL lesson plan.

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